29 Free Halloween Wallpapers For iPhone HD Quality.

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Are you looking for spooky and free Halloween wallpapers for iPhone? Then look no further, because this post is for you.

We have selected an amazing collection of Halloween wallpapers you can download for free. Without wasting much time, let’s check them out.

How To Save The Wallpapers

On Mobile: Click on the image press it down for a while, the save to photos option will pop up. Then you can save it or screenshot it and crop.

On Desktop: Right click on the image and save it to your desired folder.

Amazing Halloween Wallpapers

1. Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Halloween wallpapers

2. Deserted Place

Nice Halloween wallpaper. You need to try this out.

Halloween wallpapers

3. Trick Or Treat

Cute wallpaper!

Halloween wallpapers

4. Skeleton Holding A Leaf

This wallpaper will make a nice wallpaper for your iPhone.

Halloween wallpapers

5. Spooky!

This is an amazing collage with iconic Halloween movies.

Halloween wallpapers

6. Full Moon

Full moon, bats, pumpkins grinning. I don’t think anything can be scarier than this.

Halloween wallpapers

7. Witch And Her Portion

This is another cool Halloween wallpaper.

Halloween wallpapers

8. Boo!

I like this wallpaper. This is the next wallpaper for my phone.

Halloween wallpapers

9. Pumpkins With Different Expressions

Halloween and fall season is incomplete without pumpkins. But these pumpkins and their different facial expressions are creeping me out. So this would make a good wallpaper for your phone if you love spooky things.

Halloween wallpapers

10. It’s Spooky Season

A nice wallpaper incase you need a reminder of what season it is. It is spooky season!!!!!

Halloween wallpapers

11. Halloween Movies Collage

An amazing collage of classic and scary Halloween movies.

Halloween wallpapers

12. Peace Out

This is cute and spooky at the same time.

Halloween wallpapers

13. Stay Spooky

If you prefer a collage wallpaper. Then you will like this Halloween collage wallpaper.

Halloween wallpapers

14. Boo Things

Adorable Ghost.

Halloween wallpapers

15. Candies And Pumpkins

This is a cute and simple Halloween wallpaper. This wallpaper is great for someone that loves the color pink.

Halloween wallpapers

16. Witch Please

Just a cool catchphrase for Halloween

Halloween wallpapers

17. Patterned Halloween Wallpaper

Errrm! Are these ghosts singing?

Halloween wallpapers

18. It’s Fall Time

It’s fall time baby!

Halloween wallpapers

19. Purple Smoke Pumpkin

This is a cool wallpaper for those that are looking for Halloween aesthetics.

Halloween wallpapers

20. Skeleton With A Peace Sign

Nothing can be spookier than a skeleton giving you a peace sign.

Halloween wallpapers

21. Boo And Stuff

Why does this ghost look surprised? You are meant to be scary us. I will name this ghost goofy.

Halloween wallpapers

22. Bats, Stars And Moons

Lovely Halloween wallpaper for people that love patterns.

Halloween wallpapers

23. Trick Or Treat Yo’ Self

This wallpaper has some humor to it. It is not spooky but cute.

Halloween wallpapers

24. Scary

Whew! Scary!

Halloween wallpapers

25. Mickey And Pumpkins

Cute Mickey Mouse Halloween wallpaper. If you love Mickey mouse. This is a nice wallpaper for your phone.

Halloween wallpapers

26. Oh Wow

Cool Halloween wallpaper with Fortnite skins for those that love video games.

Halloween wallpapers

27. Halloween Wallpaper Pattern

This Halloween wallpaper consists of all the important elements of Halloween like ghosts, skeletons, spider webs, fall leaves, black cats. Just so cute.

Halloween wallpapers

28. Ghosts

I have never seen any ghost as cute as these.

Halloween wallpapers

29. Spider Web

Download these awesome Halloween Wallpapers.

Halloween wallpapers

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